About Charles Vaughn

Light On The Top Of The Hill...

Charles Vaughn, one of the most inspirational Ministers, he leverages his pioneering vision and creative instinct to serve others throughout local communities and beyond into the world.


Minister Vaughn is the light that helps lead people to find their destiny as a beacon of light. It is with this warm light that he has been able to reach thousands of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and creeds and countless other to find the light while walking this journey of life. 

Where It All Began...

He was born in Newark, New Jersey an adopted child from the age of four years old to Morris and Agnes Vaughn. He attended Allentown High School and studied at Texas Southern University. After college he moved to Southern California and pursued his passion in business ventures that included; Real Estate, Education and Technology Ventures.

Shortly after arriving in California he almost lost his life. This experience along with a divine visitation from God was the “wake-up call” that propelled him to serve God. This revelation started an eight-year assignment feeding and clothing the homeless throughout the streets of Los Angeles. 

Once this divine assignment was complete, Charles would than go on to start a  Bible. It was here he continued to feed God’s people with God's word. Shortly after beginning his Bible study, God called him into Ministry full time, and at the age of fifty-two, he would receive his ordination as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Chris

Continues The Call Of God...

Charles continues to follow the prompting of God with every step. Today, he is currently the Host of his radio show "The Lighthouse" on KKLA 99.5 FM on Saturday's at 4PM and is presently working on a new book. He also continues his work through his ministry, Charles Vaughn Ministries and serves as a global light, of spiritual & economic hope and empowerment for those in local communities and around the world.